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Two fully equipped body care stations for treatments and massages, even customised, to restore beauty and vigour in combination with an exclusively designed line of products based on Terme di Comano spring water.


Dolomia Wellness uses the products of the Skincare Terme di Comano line for the care and beauty of the body, with special attention paid to skin type. The range of products already renowned containing formulas with the Terme di Comano water and pre-biotic system. With soothing, anti-reddeness and regenerative properties, the products have cutting-edge biotechnological active ingredients capable of exalting functional performance, of acting on the most common blemishes, of keeping the skin in its best condition and of re-establishing the physiologically correct balance of altered skin.

These unique formulations stem from the perfect blend between Nature and technological research: Nature through the use of 100% pure Terme di Comano water, which has beneficial properties suitable for all skin types; Technological research through the innovations used in the production, as well as the high concentration of active ingredients, the performative formulas and the total absence of useless or skin-harming ingredients. All products are nickel-free and clinically tested on sensitive skin types via patch tests.