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Due to the very high dry heat, the sauna has a skin purifying effect, leaving it looking more radiant. It favours the elimination of toxins and muscle relaxation, thereby also stimulating the cardiovascular system. The moment you step out of a sauna is the best time for a 'Bucket Shower', an invigorating freezing cold shower from a bucket suspended above your head. The resulting thermal shock tones up and energizes the whole body.


Steam bath

The delicate action of the steam purifies the skin, leaving it radiant and smooth. The relaxing properties of the water and the lights induce a pleasant feeling of well-being.


Sensory showers

Stimulate your senses through chromotherapy and aromatherapy in our sensory showers, transforming all the accumulated stress into relaxation and the energy required to face the everyday life. The Cold Fog and the Tropical Rain showers will massage your skin and envelop you in a delicate embrace.


Relax area

A warm and cozy atmosphere with gentle background music: the ideal place to recharge sipping a herbal tea and relaxing.



The hydro-jets of the comfortable, warm tub stimulate your capillary circulation and therefore have a draining effect that helps eliminate excess tissue fluids.