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Green Pass

The Green Pass (green certification) will be required for access starting from 6 AUGUST. It will be necessary to present the Green Pass with QR code together with an identification document.
For further information, consult the dedicated page on the Italian Government website:


Relax in safety

The health and well-being of our guests and staff are our top priority. Here are the measures adopted by Dolomia Wellness to guarantee a safe environment:

  • Social distancing (at least 1 meter) must be respected throughout the structure, as well as in the common areas and in the toilets. If you practice physical activity, the interpersonal distance during the activity must be at least equal to n. 2 meters;
  • Obligatory masks. It is possible to remove them in the water, in the various tubs and in the sauna;
  • It is recommended to wash your hands often, especially before and after entering the baths, saunas and public baths; The center will provide regular and frequent disinfection of common areas, toilets, changing rooms, cabins and showers.
  • Access to the facilities must take place in an orderly manner, in order to avoid gatherings of people, maintaining a safety distance of at least n. 1 meter of separation between users, with the exception of: a. members of the same family unit; b. cohabitants; c. subjects who, according to the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal distancing (the latter aspect refers to individual responsibility);
  • Gatherings are prohibited, to ensure a day of well-being and relaxation in compliance with safety distances, the entrances to the wellness center are limited. In the recreational areas dedicated to children, access must be in the presence of the parent;
  • It is strongly recommended to book access to online activities on the website www.dolomiawellness.it;
  • In particular, the customer is obliged not to enter the facility in the presence of their own symptoms or fever or those of their cohabitants and to immediately inform the staff of the facility in the event of symptoms or fever;
  • Inside the structure, the users' body temperature can be detected, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C;
  • As per the reference protocol of the province of Trento, in the Wellness Dolomia center the figure of the Covid contact person is identified, responsible for the implementation and verification of the prevention and containment measures of the identified infections, who will be able to remind guests to follow the behavioral rules and the provisions contained in the regulation