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Your contribution is needed to comply with several indications concerning conduct, based on common sense and on mutual respect, so as to ensure that everyone can relax in this peaceful place.

Our wellness centre offers relaxation. This is why we ask you to speak in a low tone of voice and to avoid using your mobile phones, so as not to disturb other Guests.


  • The wellness centre is promiscuous (men and women).
  • The entrance to the wellness area is prohibited to young people aged less than 16 unless accompanied by an adult who will be held responsible for the minor's conduct and guarantee compliance with these regulations.
  • Anyone entering the Wellness Centre must not be currently affected by contagious diseases (including skin diseases) or have lesions or open skin injuries, nor suffer from epilepsy or psychic illness. In general, saunas can be used by people of all ages, but we suggest that guests consult their doctors for personal indications, especially if they suffer from any illnesses.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Only persons in perfect hygienic or physical condition will be allowed to enter.
  • Guests are forbidden to use their mobile phones or any other electronic device inside the whole wellness centre (relaxation rooms, solarium and corridors included).
  • No personal products (soaps, creams, etc.) may be used outside the changing rooms.


  • Guests must take a shower before entering the sauna and steam bath , so as to remove any trace of creams or other products that could damage the structures.
  • No part of the body should come into direct contact with the sauna's wooden structure. For this reason, we invite our guests to lay out their towel to protect the seating and floor structures. It is forbidden to enter the sauna with slippers, which must be left outside the door.
  • We suggest that guests do not stay longer than 15 minutes in the sauna and do not enter the sauna on a full or empty stomach – the best solution is a light meal before entering.


Please do not leave personal effects on the relaxation beds, so as to allow for regular turnover among people wishing to use them.