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Your contribution is needed to comply with several indications concerning conduct, based on common sense and on mutual respect, so as to ensure that everyone can relax in this peaceful place.

Our wellness centre offers relaxation. This is why we ask you to speak in a low tone of voice and to avoid using your mobile phones, so as not to disturb other Guests.


  • This regulation is binding for all guests. Accessing the area every guest undertakes to follow this regulation;
  • Everyone accessing the area must be provided with an entrance ticket;
  • It is forbidden to leave any garbage, it has to be thrown in the appropriate baskets;
  • Not all services can be guaranteed at any time (closure due to technical reasons, force majeure, etc.);
  • Guests have to supervise their own belongings. S.I.T.M. Spa is not liable for theft, loss, or damage of personal items throughout the area (including benches, changing rooms and lockers, even closed, etc);
  • No food or chewing gum throughout the area;
  • No dogs or other animals throughout the area;
  • Access to the area is prohibited to persons in a psycho physical altered state caused by narcotics or alcoholic substances;
  • Anyone who accesses must be free of contagious diseases;
  • It is forbidden to blaspheme, use vulgar language and conduct that can cause harm of any kind to other people or objects;
  • No smoking;
  • No running, jumping or shouting;
  • Guests have to follow instructions of the service staff, staff members are authorized to request immediate clearance of one or more areas if necessary;
  • Our staff members are entitled to take action at any time to require compliance with this regulation. People who do not behave properly will be removed with no right of refund;
  • S.I.T.M. Spa reserves the right to change this regulation at any time;
  • The utmost care is highly recommended. S.I.T.M. Spa is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to themselves, other people or objects during the course of activity throughout the area.


  • Inside the Wellness Area it is too allowed to wear swimming suits; in between the saunas, the corridors, on the terrace and in the relaxing rooms it is mandatory to cover yourself with a cotton towel or bathrobe;
  • This is a mixed Wellness Centre (men and women);
  • To access the Wellness Area minors have to be accompanied by a parent;
  • The use of mobiles or any other electronic device is not allowed within Sauna and Bagno Turco;
  • We do not reccomend to enter the saunas on a full or empty stomach, our advice is to have a light meal in advance;
  • It is mandatory to shower first before you enter the sauna in order to remove any cream or other products that can be harmful for the facilities;
  • Anyone who enters the Wellness Centre has to be free from contagious diseases (including those of the skin), open injuries or wounds, free from epilepsy or mental illness. The saunas are generally good for everyone, but we recommend to consult your doctor for specific directions in case you suffer from special diseases;
  • It is not allowed to enter the Wellness Area with plasters and /or bandages;
  • It is forbidden to spit or in any case to expel bodyfluids inside the saunas/pools;
  • The wellness area is a relaxation area in which it is mandatory to speak in a low voice;
  • The use of personal products (soap and creams) is not permitted outside the changing rooms much less in the tubs, pools and showers of the wellness route;
  • It is forbidden to pour out oil on the sauna stove if not authorized by the Andalo Gestioni staff;
  • Inside the saunas you need to have a cotton cloth to lay on the benches before sitting down so that there wont be any body contact with the wood of the sauna. No other objects like glasses, etc. allowed;
  • It is forbidden to bring in glasses, bottles or cans;


  • The beauty center is a relaxation area in which it is mandatory to speak in a low voice;
  • Advance reservation required for massages/treatments;
  • Please make sure to show up 10 minutes before your appointment; if you are late we will have to shorten the duration of the treatment and no discount for this reason can be applied;
  • You are advised not to smoke, to drink alcoholics or to eat in the 20 minutes before your appointment;
  • If you wish to change or to cancel your reservation it can be done until closing time of the reception the day before;
  • For treatments or massages minors are to be accompanied by a parent;
  • Before your appointment it is advisable to take a shower to remove cream or any other residue. You can have a shower in the locker room of the wellness area;
  • Everyone accessing the beauty center has to be free of contagious diseases, including those of the skin, injuries or open wounds;
  • It is mandatory to declare your state of health, you will be required to compile a specific form. Treatments are generally good for everyone, but for those who have faced a period of poor health (operation, disabling diseases/tumors) it is advisable to consult a doctor. In these cases the beautician, for your own protection, may advise against or refuse the service or request a medical certificate;
  • During massages and body treatments you will wear no clothes, the untreated parts of the body will be covered by a towel. You must to dress disposable undergarment;
  • It is mandatory to maintain a decent attitude. Our Guests are treated in a professional manner, requests of any other type of service are severely forbidden;
  • Our staff, including beauticians, are entitled to act at any moment requiring compliance with this regulation, to prevent or to expel those who do not behave properly; they will be removed and will have no right of reimbursement.